APTLD71 Training Session: How to Secure your TLD Infrastructure (Conducted by LK Domain Registry and Partners)

All TLD Registries operate IT infrastructure (servers, network, etc.) to support their operations. As a TLD is a critical resource, it is essential that it not only operate 24x7, but also provide correct information. A TLD is an attractive attack target, as not only will disrupting the operations of a TLD effect an entire country but, by modifying domain record, an attacker can completely take over a domain.

This course will cover the threats to and possible attacks on your registry infrastructure including the DNS systems, DNS data, registration systems and other registry systems. It will cover how to set up your systems in a secure and reliable manner, monitor your systems, threats and mitigation techniques, access control, system monitoring, etc. Case studies and discussions will be used to enhance participation.

This course is intended for technical persons who are responsible for the setting up an operation of registry infrastructure, and participants are expected to have a basic knowledge of systems and network administration.

Day 0. Feb 28
Session Venue

Trainees Registration

At the entrance to Boulevard 2-Level 2

Training Session Day 1

Boulevard 2-Level 2
Day 0. Mar 1
Session Venue

Training Session Day 2


At the entrance to Boulevard 2-Level 2
Day 1. Mar 2
Session Venue



Introductory Session

This short session is intended to set the tone for the Meeting and update Members on major developments in 2016 and plans for 2017

Moderator: Choon Sai Lim, SGNIC

  • Mr. Trần Minh Tân, CEO of VNNIC: Welcome address

At the entrance to Boulevard 1-Level 2

Updates from Partner Organizations

A part of a vibrant regional ecosystem, APTLD has consistently developed working relations with numerous peers, who will share their perspectives on recent developments in their realm, across Asia Pacific and beyond.

Moderator: Choon Sai Lim, SGNIC

  • Klee Aiken, APNIC
  • Jia-Rong Low, ICANN
  • Hiro Hotta, ccNSO
  • Raul Echeberria, ISOC
  • Yannis Li, APrIGF
  • Satish Babu, APRALO
Boulevard 1-Level 2

Session 1

New Faces, New Voices

Moderator: Phan Thi Nhung (Ms.), VNNIC

  • Ahlam M. Abu-Jadallah (Ms), .JO (remotely)
  • Berry Amol, .PG
  • Saif Ahmed, .IQ
  • Nicolau Santo Celestino, .TL
  • Phouthong Sisvath, LANIC (observer)
Boulevard 1-Level 2
11:00–11:30 Coffee Break
Official Group Photo and Joint Press Conference by Messrs. Choon Sai Lim and Tran Minh Tan
In the hall by the Boulevard 1&2 Rooms

Session 2

IANA Transition: Done, but Not Completed
In the session, members will take stock of the recent process and discuss the outlook and further action required for ensuring a proper post- Transition operational environment and progress in building ICANN 3.0.

Moderator: Leonid Todorov, APTLD

  • Fiona Alexander (Ms.), NTIA (remotely)
  • Paul Kane, CommunityDNS (remotely)
  • Stephen Deerhake, .AS
  • Dmitry Burkov, RIPE NCC
  • Elise Gerich (Ms.), PTI
  • Klee Aiken, APNIC
Boulevard 1-Level 2
13:00–14:00 Lunch Grill Restaurant, Lobby Level

Session 3A (Room: Boulevard 1)

Marketing: The Net Effect
Using Social Networks in Marketing
A Russian military genius once said, If you cannot preclude a mess, spearhead it. Social networks oftentimes are believed to be a killer of the domain industry; but is it possible to exploit their potential to promote a ccTLD and win new customers and their loyalty? In search of an answer, members will discuss their recent practices and share success stories.

Moderator: Talib Sabri Sulaiman, MYNIC
  • Mikhail Anisimov, .RU
  • Siena Perry, APNIC
  • Natasa Djukanovic, .ME
  • Helen Belskaya, Hoster .BY (IDN ccTLD Belarus, remotely)
  • Shubham Saran, NIXI
  • Yannis Li, DotAsia

Session 3B (Room: Boulevard 2)

Security/Technical: Beknownst Unknowns
Is your registry’s DNS secured? Sure? Absolutely? 100%? Members will discuss some important matters, one by one: Practical Consideration of Key Signing Ceremony of DNSSEC Implementation; Security Consideration and Compliance of Registrars Accessing Registry DNS; and DNS DDoS Defense Mechanisms.

Moderator: Nai-Wen Hsu and Ian Chiang, TWNIC
  • Billy Cheon, KISA
  • Pavel Khramtsov, RU
  • Paul Vixie, Farsight Security (remotely)
  • Champika Wijaatunga, ICANN: Root Zone KSK Rollover Update
  • Cristian Hesselman, SIDN (remotely)
  • Cheng-Yi Chen & Tszheng Guo, TWNIC: .TW DNS Security: NOC & ISP collaboration
15:30–16:00 Coffee Break
In the hall by the Boulevard 1&2 rooms

Session 4A (Room: Boulevard 1)

Policy: Those Magic Characters at Stake
ICANN is gearing up for a new round of new gTLDs involving the release of country codes as new gTLDs, and the business community is keen to use them in the future. Members will discuss the case and voice their opinions which may form the basis of an APTLD policy statement on the matter.

Moderator: Hiro Hotta, JPRS
  • Choon Sai Lim, SGNIC
  • Joyce Chen, ICANN
  • Nguyen Thi Thu Thuy, VNNIC
  • Olga Cavalli, GAC Member, Argentina (remotely)
  • Leonid Todorov, APTLD

Session 4B (Room: Boulevard 2)

Technical: Transport Layer Security Certificates: Trends and Patterns of Use
Members will evaluate basic data on Transport Layer Security (TLS) Certificates, discuss certificate authority statistics, certificate signature algorithms, key strength distribution, and implementation of good policies.

Moderator: Ning Kong, CNNIC
  • Dmitry Belyavsky, .RU
  • Alireza Saleh, IRNIC
  • Chamara Disanayake, .LK
  • Edmon Chung, DotAsia
17:30–18:00 Wrap-up of the day and housekeeping notices Boulevard 2
18:30 Leaving for the Social Event on Foot Vertical Garden at Rex Hotel Saigon, 141 Nguyen Hue Blvd, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam Tel. (8 48)38292185

Members Dinner hosted by VNNIC


Day 2. Mar 3
Session Venue

Session 5A (Room: Boulevard 1)

Marketing: Crossing Borders and Shifting Boundaries
While some APTLD members operate in the domestic market only, lessons from the others that suggest a variety of experiences and success stories of international expansion worth sharing.

Moderator: Stafford Guest, .NU
  • Clifford deSouza, LogicBoxes
  • Mohammed Al-Ammouri, CentralNic
  • Xiao Zhang, CNNIC
  • Bojana Popovic, .ME
  • Grigory Saghyan, .AM (remotely)
  • Fernando Espana, .CO

Session 5B (Room: Boulevard 2)

Technical: Measure Like We, Measure with Us: Ensuring the Quality of DNS Measuring
The techies' saying goes, "The nice thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from." In the industry, speed matters and savvy operators use every opportunity for boosting it to ensure the best performance and optimal user’s experience. Members will discuss instruments and means to ensure they can benchmark accurately and build a robust system.

Moderator: Alireza Saleh, IRNIC
  • Berry Amol, .PG
  • Pavel Khramtsov, .RU
  • Kaveh Ranjbar, RIPE NCC
  • George Michaelson, APNIC
  • Rajiv Kumar, NIXI

Session 6A (Room: Boulevard 1)

Policy/Marketing: Haggling and Straggling
A market guru said, Attracting loyal customers based on price is like believing in the tooth fairy. But what if she exists, and one needs just a spell to know? In search of those words, members will embark on a journey – perhaps to find out that, Price ain't merely about numbers. It's a satisfying sacrifice.

Moderator: Jian Zhang, DotAsia
  • Mikhail Anisimov, .RU
  • Thai Huu Ly, VNNIC
  • Tinuk Andriyanti, PANDI
  • Rich Merdinger, Domain Names Association (remotely)
  • Patrick Myles, APTLD (remotely)

Session 6B (Room: Boulevard 2)

Security: News from the Front.
Fighting the Malware - Best Practices, Solutions, and Prospects for Cooperation
Sorry to raise the point once again, but it looks like we need to revisit this never-ending tale of how better protect customers and ensure security for your ccTLD in rapidly changing and ever challenging environment. At times, you may sense you are losing, but Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war (hear ©Donald Trump speak:))

Moderator: Gihan Dias, .LK
  • Jonghwan Shin, KISA
  • Pavel Khramtsov, .RU
  • Kaveh Ranjbar, RIPE NCC
  • Alireza Saleh, IRNIC
11:30–12:00 Coffee Break
In the hall by the Boulevard 1&2 rooms

Session 7

Policy Discussion Session
The Members are invited to discuss strategic matters that should enable APTLD to further improve and align its policy development procedures and processes so that to better interact with Members and adequately represent the community’s stance on most important policy challenges.

  • Choon Sai Lim, Chair: APTLD PDP Framework
  • Leonid Todorov, GM: APTLD's Capacity Building Efforts: Lessons Learned and Outlook
Boulevard 1
13:00–14:30 Lunch In the hall by the Boulevard 1&2 rooms

The Annual General Meeting

At the meeting (for the ordinary members only), the community will:

  • Approve nominations of the ascending Board members;
  • Endorse the Board Chair Report for 2016
  • Approve the 2017 APTLD budget
  • Discuss other matters of general concern
Boulevard 1
16:00–16:30 Coffee Break
In the hall by the Boulevard 1&2 rooms

Concluding session (for all the members)

  • Chair’s concluding remarks and closure of the Meeting
  • Housekeeping announcements

Moderator: Lim Choon Sai, SGNIC

Boulevard 1

Board Retreat


The Grill, Prince Hotel

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